Music video pictures &

Behind the scenes pictures

Photos from the music video "Sun or Rain"

The cast on location in Queensland Australia

Ohroara swaps between roles as Producer/Director and the "homeless girl in gown" mid-filming.

Australian producer Ohroara with the cast running to place
Australian actresses and actors during filming with the red camaro
The full cast of "Sun or Rain" looking at kangaroos while taking a break from filming

Actor Nathan Hewett points out some kangaroos bounding away while filming on location in Queensland, Australia.

Actress Suniti Hewett steps past the camaro in her red dress and shoes.

Australian producer Ohroara is given a baguette by the "Lady in black in white" played by actress Wendy Hewett.

Australia producer Ohroara is given a baguette by actress Wendy
Actor Nathan Hewett makes the cast laugh during filming in Australia

Actor Nathan Hewett keeps the cast laughing while filming during the hot summer day of around 40 degrees.  We were sweltering, but happy thanks to Nathan :)

Producer Ohroara with actress Suniti and actor Nathan Hewett

Actor John Hewett played the part of "Man 2 in suit".  He is far left with the rest of the cast from "Sun or Rain".

Actors filming for Australian prodution with formal wear.

The full cast of the music video "Sun or Rain".

Australian actress and singer Ohroara is wet during filming of "Sun or Rain"

On a different day, a crew member sent rain down on singer Ohroara while filming for the music video.

Ohroara as the "Homeless girl" walking in the Aussie bush looking for a place to rest.

Ohroara is producer and actress in the Aussie bush
Christian singer Ohroara with a broken umbrella

In this scene, actress Ohroara was meant to open the umbrella and notice that it was torn, but she accidentally broke the handle mid-shot during filming.  It seemed to fit with the broken theme...she managed to break the broken umbrella some more...

Actress Suniti with a red camaro during filming in Australia

Actress Suniti Hewett in a red dress near the camaro.

Australian actress in red dress next to red car
Australian actress Ohroara playing a homeless girl.
Australian actress and singer Ohroara with a broken umbrella
Australian Christian singer Ohroara with a broken umbrella