Types of products you can buy

COMMAND STUDIOS provides various products and services. 

Products you can buy from our online shop, can be generally categorized into the following:

1. Physical objects (such as t-shirts or notebooks)

2. Digital files

(There are other services but these are the main shop categories.)


Items of digital form such as downloadable music files (mp3) or downloadable movie files (mp4) or an ebook will normally be made available via a link contained in a confirmation email which is sent to the customer.

Shipping carrier

Our shipping courier throughout Australia is Australia Post.  

International shipping

Due to the massive amount of change for imports and exports at present, there have been many new laws restricting the movement of physical products.  We would like to be able to send you things such as t-shirts and notebooks, however many countries are now not allowing plant based items (so our cotton shirts and paper items are not allowed into some countries) and also magnetic items (so CDs and magnets are out too).   Please understand that this is outside our control..  For all Australian destinations you can access our full range of physical products.  For international destinations please focus on purchasing our downloadable music and movie files.

Delivery times

For digital files an email is sent after successful purchase to you (the purchaser).  For physical products, please allow one week for us to send your purchase.  This delay is due to staff may be conducting production activities however rest assured we will get your parcel to you as soon as possible.  There may be shipping delays withing Australia due to the postal carrier which is out of our control.

Exchange policy

There are no exchanges for if you have changed your mind.  If you have any problem with your purchase please contact us at and let us know so that we may be able to find a solution and help you to be satisfied with your purchase.

Please be aware that some of our downloads for purchase are also available for free download.  So if there is a problem with your download purchase you may see if your file is able to be downloaded through the free downloads page.  There are no refunds for if you purchased a file and decide you want your money back because you want it for free instead.  Once you have purchased that is final.  All sales are final.  Please see our user agreement for more information.  If your download link has errors please contact us so that we may send you a new link to your purchased music or movie or other file.

We try to represent our products accurately with descriptions and sometimes photographs or pictures however there is no guarantee that an item has the correct look to what is delivered.  There may also be differences in computer and monitor settings which allow a product to look different to what it actually is. © 2020 All rights reserved.

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