Saturday Cora Joy

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Music video pictures &

Behind the scenes pictures

A  medium-sized turtle popped his head up to say hello to the camera operator for the music video.

Photos from the music video "Saturday Cora Joy"

The Australian king parrot is a beautiful bird.  This is a wild male with bright red feathers on its head.  He was inquisitive and stayed nearby long enough for him to be filmed.

A mallard duck and little pied cormorant did some swimming and diving in the water.

A well-camouflaged moth.

The Australian water dragon stayed mostly still but on occasions turned his head quickly to check out the camera operator's movements.

An Australian blue-faced honey eater flitted about.

Saturday Cora Joy is an operatic piece featuring beautiful animals and scenery from around Queensland, Australia. This is an unplugged, a cappella or vocals only style of song, sung by Aussie singer Ohroara.

A Roman cross pilgrim goose tucked in for rest time.

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