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No Kiss on My Lips

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Photos from the music video "No Kiss on My Lips "

Ohroara No Kiss on My Lips pic
No Kiss on My Lips music video

Ohroara plays the role of the bride in a floral veil and vintage green dress where she sings on stage at a club before heading off .

Christian singer Ohroara singing No Kiss

This was a fun song to perform.

Australian singer Ohroara No Kiss song

These shots from the music video were filmed in various studio rooms in Queensland, Australia.

Australian Christian actor and actress

Actor Nathan Hewett and actress Suniti Hewett enjoy some dancing together during the filming of "No Kiss on my Lips".

The man in black gives a bunch of orange and yellow flowers to the lady in yellow.

Queensland film production actors
Actress No Kiss on my lips song

Ohroara ducks from the lips prop which flies above her.

Actress Suniti Hewett played the Lady in Yellow for "No Kiss on My Lips".

Filming music video with props Queenslan

With limited time available for using the classic car for filming, Ohroara runs to the Mercedes, jumps in and it speeds off.

Actress and Mercedes film production Aus

The song "No Kiss on My Lips" by Ohroara has a French version called "Mes lèvres sans bisous" also by Ohroara.

Australian Christian music video product