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Song lyrics—

"Shining at Christmas" by Ohroara


If you are rich or you are poor (Ah_)
If you have some family or your are alone (Ah_)
If you are so near or far from your home (Ah_)
Remember the Son will shine at Christmas (Ah_)

The sun is shining, the birds are singing, (Shining Jesus, shining Jesus)
The girls are dancing at Christmas (At Christmas)
The boys are laughing, the world is spinning, (Shining Jesus, shining Jesus)
The sun is shining at Christmas (Shining king of all)
Oo oo oo, the Son is shining at Christmas. (Oo_oo)

repeat: Verse
repeat: Chorus

Musical Rise:
Oo oo oo, the Son is shining at Christmas. (Oo_oo)


[Shining At Christmas © Ohroara 2018]

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