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The pop song "Sun or Rain" now available for free download.

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Great music is available for download now.  Currently the following songs are available for free download:

Album: Repeat Rezone


Sun or Rain

     (music genres:  pop/Christian pop/dance)

Make Everything Right

     (music genres:  pop/Christian pop)

No Kiss on My Lips

     (music genres:  love song/pop/fairground alternative/Christian)

Shining at Christmas

     (music genres: Christmas/Christian)

You Washed My Tears Away

     (music genres:  alternative/Christian alternative/tribal)

Shine Amazing Grace

     (music genres: Christian contemporary/Christian gospel/folk)

Knight in Shining Armour

     (music genres:  Easy listening/

Saturday Cora Joy

     (music genres:  opera/a cappella/vocals only/unplugged)


Mes lèvres sans bisous

     (music genres:  French pop/pop/love song




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