Frequently asked questions:

Are you a Christian company?

COMMAND STUDIOS is a Christian film and entertainment company.

Why have you released a non-Christian song/movie?

COMMAND STUDIOS is comprised of a team of Christians.  We do not always make every song overtly Christian sounding.  Our audience comprises both Christians and non-Christians.  We hope that everything we do gives glory to God.  There may be some songs or movies released that don't mention God specifically.  We hope that you still find them enjoyable.

Ultimately we hope that all our productions and work will give glory to God and even bring non-Christians some understanding about God and help them to take the step of faith of giving their heart to God.  With some people, that may take some time.

How can I donate to COMMAND STUDIOS?

And where does the money go?

COMMAND STUDIOS has a donation page where you can donate an amount of your choice from $10 and upwards.  Please click on the link below.

COMMAND STUDIOS is a "for-profit" business which means that any donation is not tax-deductible.  We cannot guarantee where exactly the money you give will go.  COMMAND STUDIOS is a Christian film and entertainment company but that means it is run by Christians and it does not mean that all of our work and productions are for Christians alone.  There are other people who love our work or are interested in our work or who want exciting but family-friendly entertainment. So some of our resources go towards just running the company and some of our resources go towards producing Christian entertainment and some of our resources go towards producing entertainment geared for non-Christians.  We hope that all are blessed.  Please also understand that some of the money you give as a donation will go to the payment service provider and the donation service provider and tax as fees (which are according to applicable laws or are part of the service provider's method of operation and as such we do not control that fee structure). We will receive a portion of the amount you donate.  Once again, if you choose to support us by donation then thank-you from the team at COMMAND STUDIOS!  Every bit of support helps!  All the best!

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